Did you know that only about 30% of children with ADHD are managed with medication alone?* Most kids get a combination of medication and behavioral therapies, and some parents incorporate dietary approaches such as changes to the foods a child eats and supplements into the ADHD patient’s daily intake.



In situations where ADHD is a new diagnosis, more and more parents are looking beyond supplements and changing the menu to include a drug-free, medical food intervention for the dietary management of ADHD. VayarinŸ is exactly that.

Vayarin¼ contains EPA-enriched PS-Omega-3, a unique and patented composition found only in our products. VAYA’s researchers started from the biological effects of breast milk and learned about the role of lipids in proper brain function and development. ADHD patients, and especially those withemotional dysregulation (difficulty calming down, moodiness, etc.) were found in a clinical trial to show benefit when given that PS-Omega-3 in Vayarin¼.

Vayarin¼ works by addressing specific lipid imbalances in ADHD.  It is safe and well-tolerated, and doesn’t carry the risk of addiction, negative sleep outcomes or other side effects associated with ADHD medications.  It can be used safely with ADHD stimulant and non-stimulant medications, and some parents and health care providers choose to bring Vayarin¼ in first in the treatment algorithm. Quite simply, it can be the first solid step in a path to success in managing ADHD through a variety of methods.

Make sure you know what’s out there that can help your child feel good and do their best. It’s also important to realize that getting an ADHD diagnosis can actually be a blessing for families that have been concerned about academic performance and overall quality of life. Talk to your health care provider about whether Vayarin¼ is right for your child and let your friends or loved ones dealing with new ADHD diagnoses know that Vayarin¼ might be an option for them to consider.

VayarinŸ and VayarinŸ Plus contain EPA-enriched PS-Omega-3 that is specially formulated with nutritional ingredients that are naturally sourced and have virtually no difference in side effects when compared to placebo. Although individual results may vary, give VayarinŸ 30-90 days and VayarinŸ Plus 30-60 days for the healthy lipids to reach optimal levels. Once they have reached their optimal level both products provide 24/7 coverage, unlike many stimulants which can wear off after each dose.


VayarinÂź, VayarinÂź Plus and VayacogÂź are intended for use under medical supervision; make sure to tell your healthcare provider that the patient is taking VayarinÂź, VayarinÂź Plus or VayacogÂź and keep them informed about how it’s going.


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