ADHD is a condition sometimes misunderstood as one that affects only kids. But for many, ADHD moves with us throughout life, as we grow up, pursue new educational and professional goals and build relationships. In 2018, VAYA brought to you Vayarin® Plus for adults and adolescents with ADHD, to expand on the more than years of success of Vayarin®, our medical food for children with ADHD. We are proud to share with you that in the last 7 months since its launch, Vayarin® Plus has helped many adults and adolescents address the lipid imbalances known to be associated with ADHD.

But don’t take our word for it…. look at some of the ADHD success stories below*:

“My son is a freshman in High SchoolHe has been taking Vayarin® Plus for approximately 4 weeks and the results have been dramatic. All of his teachers noticed a difference within two weeks; he is more “present” and “engaged” during class. I feel so fortunate to have found this medical food for my son; he can now live up to his potential! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!”
– Dawn V.

“I was diagnosed at age 69 with ADHD by a physician who specialized in this field. When Vayarin Plus came out, I upgraded. I have been very satisfied with both the original Vayarin® and the Plus product. I never miss a dose. I still work as an insurance agent at 72, soon to be 73 and am at the top of my game.”
– Thomas K. 

“I’ve been taking Vayarin® Plus for almost 30 days now and am noticing huge improvements. Even my husband noticed huge improvements and encouraged me to reorder this product. Three weeks after starting Vayarin® Plus, I was finally able to get a job and am also now beginning to finally organize my floundering home business without feeling overwhelmed. Areas where I have seen improvement: concentration, planning/being better prepared ahead of time, prioritizing tasks, time management, feelings of being overwhelmed have dramatically dropped.  I am excited to continue taking Vayarin® Plus.” 
– Miriam T.

“So far, I’ve been on the adult Vayarin® Plus for about 4 months When I run out of the product, I can tell a huge difference in my daily functions.  The invention of Vayarin® Plus has really been a huge help in my life.  I won’t say it’s a cure, but the product is amazing! Thank you all for such a wonderful product!”   
– David C.


Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash


Vayarin® (for children) and Vayarin® Plus (for adults and adolescents) are medical foods for the management of ADHD that address the lipid imbalances associated with this condition. They contain EPA-enriched PS-Omega-3 that is specially formulated with nutritional ingredients that are naturally sourced andhave virtually no difference in side effects when compared to placebo. Although individual results may vary, give Vayarin® 30-90 days and Vayarin® Plus 30-60 days for the healthy lipids to reach optimal levels.  Once they have reached their optimal level both products provide 24/7 coverageunlike many stimulants which can wear off after each dose. 

Talk to your healthcare provider about Vayarin® or Vayarin® Plus today!


*Individual results will vary.  You may not experience such significant effects. Vayarin® Plus is clinically shown to improve attention and certain behaviors associated with ADHD.