Things move fast these days, and they seem to be speeding up.Adolescents and adults with ADHD can make the most of this quick pace at work, in school, and in their personal lives, if they’ve got the right tools and support. Vayarin® Plus may just be one of those tools–it’s a medical food designed to provide important lipid nutrients to the brain to manage specific lipid deficiencies associated with ADHD, and it’s tailor-made to manage ADHD in adults and adolescents (who are at least 14 years old and weigh at least 97 pounds).

Vayarin® Plus can take up to 8 weeks to build up in the body. You need to give it the time it takes to work. 

So how do you know if Vayarin® Plus is working? Start by thinking about the times of day when ADHD might throw you off target. After you start taking Vayarin® Plus and as you stick to it over the course of several weeks, log your progress using a free tool from VAYA–the Vayarin® Plus ADHD behavior tracker!


With this tracker you’ll be able to assess how you are doing in major areasrelated to ADHD such as problem-solving, staying on top of daily tasks, and concentration before and during Vayarin® Plus administration.

Take a look at these categories and pick your focus areas–print it out too! Even if you aren’t taking Vayarin® Plus, check out the tracker to see how you do on a weekly basis with known ADHD-related behaviors. Do these sound like you or someone you know? Are you fine with the status quo?


Vayarin® Plus can help you focus on crucial parts of work and school:

• Getting overwhelmed by large or complex tasks
• Having trouble completing tasks or projects after getting started (or even completing tasks but not turning them in…)
• Making careless mistakes and realizing it later 

And also the ADHD quirks that can make social and home life tough:

• Difficulty focusing on what people are saying, even when speaking directly to you 

There’s no time like the present to make meaningful changes, especially with 2019 around the corner! Make it a great new year and keep track of your progress with Vayarin® Plus and this printable behavior tracker.

Vayarin® (for children) and Vayarin® Plus (for adults and adolescents) contain EPA-enriched PS-Omega-3 that is specially formulated with nutritional ingredients that are naturally sourced and have virtually no difference in side effects when compared to placebo. Although individual results may vary, give Vayarin® 30-90 days and Vayarin® Plus 30-60 days for the healthy lipids to reach optimal levels.  Once they have reached their optimal level both products provide 24/7 coverageunlike many stimulants which can wear off after each dose.

Talk to your healthcare provider about Vayarin® or Vayarin® Plus today and remember that your child needs your support and encouragement, especially during the tough times.