How can you tell when your memory starts slipping? It can feel like more and more names or words are stuck on the tip of your tongue and not rolling off it anymore. It can feel like more trips back inside to get keys or coats as you head out the door. It can also feel like something harder to define, a fuzzinessthat just doesn’t feel good. Getting a handle on what’s happening early on is important, because otherwise healthy adults with early memory loss are 5 to 10 times more likely to experience more serious memory issues down the road.



Vayacog® is a medical food for the dietary management of early memory impairment. It’s a drug-free product that is designed to be more readily available to the brain to address lipid imbalances associated with memory and cognition. It contains DHA-enriched PS-Omega-3 that is specially formulated with nutritional ingredients that are naturally sourced and have virtually no difference in side effects when compared to placebo.  To track your trouble spots and where Vayacog® may be helping, we’re sharing with you this Vayacog® Memory Tracker to see how you do over the 30 to 90 days it takes for the product to build up in the brain.


With this tracker you’ll be able to assess how you are doing with problem-solving, daily tasks, unnecessary repetition, and concentration before and during Vayacog® administration. Take a look at these categories and pick your focus areas–print it out too! Even if you aren’t taking Vayacog®, check out the tracker to see how it can help you monitor your memory and identify problems.

Stay ahead of the game and stay vigilant about your memory and cognition with Vayacog® and this new behavior tracker.
Talk to your healthcare provider about Vayacog® today. To your health!


Vayarin®, Vayarin® Plus and Vayacog® are intended for use under medical supervision; make sure to tell your healthcare provider that you or your loved one is taking Vayarin® , Vayarin® Plus  or Vayacog® and keep them informed about how it’s going.