Life only moves more quickly as we grow up. For individuals with ADHD, life is a constant juggling act where it seems like the balls in the air could fall to the ground at any time. The brain of an adult with ADHD deals with information, stimulation, and responsibility differently from other people’s, and when ADHD is managed well, life can be great. What about for adults who just recently got diagnosed with ADHD?



A new ADHD diagnosis for adolescents or adults can be overwhelming and bring to the surface a combination of strong emotions–relief about knowing what you’ve been dealing with and that there’s a path forward, but also regret, frustration, and even anger at missed opportunities and a lifetime of memories of where ADHD tripped you up when you didn’t even know it was there.

So now that you have a diagnosis, it’s time for a deep breath. Open your eyes to life with ADHD and your options for managing it:

  • First, keep those close to you informed about what you’ve learned and what you’re learning. Diagnosis with ADHD can be an “a-ha!” or “I knew it!” moment for many. Gain their support and move forward together.
  • Second, make sure you are part of an ADHD management alliance that includes you, your family, and a qualified health care provider. If you’re comfortable, also let employers, professors, and others around you know that ADHD is a factor in your life and that you’re getting on top of it.

As you move forward, consider an integral approach to managing your condition, one that potentially includes medication, behavioral approaches, and drug-free alternativesVayarin® Plus is a medical food indicated specifically for adolescent and adult ADHD that has been clinically shown to be effective in improving attention and clinically shown to be safe. Moreover, data from the Vayarin® Plus study indicate that it might be especially beneficial for people with new ADHD diagnoses. Patients who were not previously on medications for their ADHD and took Vayarin® Plus showed greater improvements than patients who had already taken medications for ADHD, including stimulants. If you’ve had undiagnosed ADHD until recently, you know that those executive functions don’t come as naturally to you. Maybe Vayarin® Plus can help.


Vayarin® (for children) and Vayarin® Plus (for adults and adolescents) contain EPA-enriched PS-Omega-3 that is specially formulated with nutritional ingredients that are naturally sourced and have virtually no difference in side effects when compared to placebo. Although individual results may vary, give Vayarin® 30-90 days and Vayarin® Plus 30-60 days for the healthy lipids to reach optimal levels.  Once they have reached their optimal level both products provide 24/7 coverageunlike many stimulants which can wear off after each dose.

Talk to your healthcare provider about Vayarin® or Vayarin® Plus today!